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Livestock Truck Box


Small Animal Truck Box - Livestock Truck Box


    Our Livestock truck boxes are fabricated with eye appeal and a sturdy construction. Made with trailer roof bows, removable Lexan Windows set in chrome H-Channel, heavy duty latches, hinges, and finished with auto paint and primer.  Available in custom sizes , pen and door options.  



            Boxes are also available in 4FT. , 4.5 Ft., 5Ft., 5.5Ft., and 6 Ft. and More !
                                           LoPro Custom Livestock Truck Box

Center Gate Divider Will Pin Back Against Wall                                                                                     

                  LoPro Livestock Truck Box
                    Basic Pkg. Incl.  

                4Ft. Wide X 6 Ft. Length 
            4.5Ft.-5Ft.-5.5Ft. lengths available
            Tie Downs All Corners 
            2-Way Aluminum Roof Vent
            Steel Spring Latches
              Heavy Duty Hinges (greasable)
            Feed / Water Rod
            Trailer Roof Bows
            Removable Lexan Windows (both sides)
            Auto Paint & Primer 

             $1095.00              Standard Truck Box       

                                                                                                        Standard Base Price - custom options below

                                     Standard Base Price Colors: White - Silver Metalic- Med. Gray Metclic
                                                                              Custom Options Available 
                                                                               Center Gate Divider   $95.00
                                                                                      Hay Rack            $145.00
                                   Sherwin Williams Genesis Paint System    $150.00    7 yr. / 25% hardener
                                                                   7-Way Truck Connect Light Kit   $96.00
                                                     Carrying Handle both sides   $90.00
                          Cab Side Viewing Window   (6 in. H x 20 in. W) $49.00
           7-way Truck Light kit consist of rear outside loading light, Inside Cargo Light, Toggle Switch, 7-way heavy duty connector.

                                                                    To Order Your Truck Box:  405-248-2600

                     Great For small animals,  Prospect Sales,   Shows, and long hauls.

   Trailer Roof Bows - Removable Plexi (Lexan)  in Chrome H- Channel - Auto Paint and Primer - Tie Down Rings - 1/2 in. Barrel Hinges on gates - Pin Back Center Gate (optional) - Steel Spring Latches -
  Feed and water rods on center gate divider - solid panel on doors - Aluminum Roof Vents - Custom Colors

                    Our Truck Boxes Are Often Placed On A Utility Trailer For An Economical And Effecient Means Of Transporting A Small Number Of Animals. 

small_livestock_trailer.jpg    Already have a utility trailer ! 

    This livestock truck box mounted on 
    A utility trailer now serves as a stock
    trailer to transport show lambs. 

    The doors face the back and the utility 
    trailers back ramp serves as a loading ramp.

    We place brackets on the inside of livestock
    truck boxes so they can be bolted to floor
    at no extra charge. 

    6 Ft. Truck Box Shown - Also available in custom sizes.


                 4ft. X 5ft. Livestock Truck Box

                    All Standard Features PLus

                         Carrying Handles
                        Center Gate Divider
                                Hay Rack 

                            Med. Metallic Grey


            4 ' X 5.5' Livestock Truck Box

          Loaded With Custom Options 

           Custom Options:
                    Hay Rack:                
                    Carrying Handles      
                    7-Way Truck Light Kit 
                    Divider Center Gate   
                    Supreme Finish          
                    2-Way Alum Vent      
                    Tie Down Rings         

    Auto Finish with Great Eye Appeal !


               4 Ft. X 5'.5Ft.  LoPro Truck Box
                     With Hay Rack 

     Light  Gray - Sherwin Williams Genesis Auto Paint
               2- Way Aluminum pop up Roof Vent

                Optional - Hay Rack

      Hay Racks Are Mounted With Rubber Spacers To
           Prevent Noise, Rubbing , leakage

                     NEW !     

                      Optional:  Removable Windows In Doors for Complete Enclosure.......

                   Charcoal Gray Metallic
Livestock_Truck_Box      Livestock Truck Box With Carrying Handles 

           Equipted With Custom Options:

                  4 Ft. Carrying Handles 

                          Hay Rack

         7-Way Heavy Duty Truck Light Kit

                  Genesis Paint System

                   Center Gate Divider

Nevada Transporting Show Pigs

           Equipted With Custom Options:


                      Custom Colors Available 

                   4 Ft. X 6 Ft. Truck Box (shown)
                   Clear View Window on Cab Site

                  Center Gate Divider and Custom Color  

                   D-Rings Inside for Miniature Donkeys

               The Lexan (Poly Carbon)  Windows are 
               Removable and much stronger than Plexi

                             Genesis Custom Finish

  Built for Transporting Miniature Donkeys

             Front of Truck Box Above
           Cab Side Viewing Window

      Normal Size is 5in. tall x 20in. long


    Chrome H-Channel with Poly Carbon 

     1 in. Sq. Tubing Frame Inside Box


Note: Cab Side Window is Normally 5 in. Height x 22 in. long


            Truck Connect Light Kit              

Light kit includes: Inside & Outside Oval 
    lights, toggle switch, light bracket installed
for inside light, heavy duty wire and truck

      Toggle switch controls both inside
    and outside lights.

   Outside View of Truck Box Light Kit

Inside View of Light Kit

          Light Bracket on inside of box
    All wires are concealed from animals 




                          LoPro Trailer Box
              For Miniature Donkys and Wagon


       7FT. 10 In. Long X 6Ft. Wide X 6Ft. 2 in. Tall

                           Hay Rack 
               Tie Downs - inside and out 
     2- Escape Doors in Front to reach tack area   
         Cam latches on rear doors for security
             7-Way heavy duty light kit 
          2-sets removable track windows
                Auto Paint and Primer
            2- 2 way chrome roof vents
   Transporting Miniature Donkeys, Wagon, and tack  In California   


       LoPro Livestock Truck /Trailer Box

                  Custom Sizes and Colors

             Truck Connect Light Kit Installed 

       adjustable Center Gate Divider at 4ft. and 6ft. 

           2- sets of removable Track windows
             Tack area in front with 2 doors
                      All Doors lockable

LoPro Custom

    Call 405-248-2600 to place orders !




                     Sherwin Williams
         Genesis Paint Available

 Genesis paint system resist fuel, salt, and chemicals. 

        Recommended for coast lines & high salt areas!


     If You like the look of Aluminum Truck Boxes
    You'll love our boxes  finished in Silver Metallic
    Auto Paint.


  Above: Genesis Silver Met. Finish


           LoPro Animal Truck Box

        Standard Components
                4 Ft. X 6 Ft. 
          Charcoal Metallic Gray
   2- Way Pop Up Aluminum Roof Vent
     Removable Lexan Track Windows

 Optional: Center Gate Divider W/Feeder Rod

           Above: Genesis in Charcoal Metallic Gray


         Front View Of Truck Box Shown Above


   Medium Metalicl Gray Is A Very Versatile & Popular Color


  The Removable Lexan Track Windows Are Installed On Both Sides Of The Box Framed In H- Track Aluminum


      The Lexan Is Installed In Heavy Duty Chrome H-Track That 
      Not Only Enhances Eye Appeal But Also Allows For Easy 
      Installation And Removal. Simply Remove One Thumbscrew
      and slide out lexan Track.


   Each Box Has Tie Downs At Every Corner




          4' X 6' Livestock Truck Box 
                With Hay Rack
     Roof Vent and Center Gate Divider 




            We can convert your stock or combo trailer to a pen system with portable pens !

                            4ft. X 5ft. Truck Box
                      All Standard Features
               Center Gate Divider W/Feed Rod
                           Hay Rack

             Sherwin-Williams Genesis Auto Paint 




                  Livestock Truck Box 

                         4' X 6'  Side View 

           Might Be A Texas A&M Fan !

 Genesis Paint - Aluminum Roof Vent - Divider Gate




4Ft. X 6Ft.  Fits Most Trucks

         Shown In Lenon White

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